Axion Launch (YALP)

Axion Launch or YALP (Yet Another LaunchPad) Sarcastically!!!

We all know launchpads; they are a fundraising instrument for entrepreneurs. We won't bore you with all the details; they are all the same with some variations.


And no, we don't have any AI bullshit on the project; it's straight simple business, we will keep it simple, and it will also be a first launchpad on Axion Ecosystem


  1. A small project wants to launch a great idea, but it doesn't have a large community. Good launchpad platforms won't allow them.

  2. Some investors ask, "Where can we invest in your project?" However, the project doesn't have a designated platform or place for seed investors to invest, and it seems unprofessional to ask them to deposit funds into a wallet.

  3. The project wants to launch but doesn't have a platform to do so. Instead, it asks community members to send funds to a wallet address. However, they don't know what happens to their funds thereafter.

  4. Their best option now is to launch on decentralized exchanges. However, they realize that many projects are launching left and right, and they don't receive the attention they deserve.

  5. The fees of some launchpads are so high that launching a project on them would drain their finances.


  1. Just use our white-label solution: put it on your website's subdomain or domain, and anyone can pay by connecting their wallet, scanning a QR code on the site, or even using a wallet address.

  2. Give your investors a professionally-looking website with all your details, website, pitch deck, whitepaper, team, and everything you want to share.

  3. If some members don't know how to connect, install extensions, or perform authentication signing, no worries. Whatever they want to buy, we've got you covered. Just send USDT/USDC to the wallet address on your website. As soon as your transaction is confirmed, you will receive a notification on the live website about the transaction the user has made.

  4. The project gets a clean branded page where its own project will be showcased.

  5. We are affordable, and initially, we will be dirt cheap.


  1. Fast one-day integration with the project.

  2. Intuitive UI for users.

  3. Multiple ways to participate: directly sending funds to a wallet address, connecting through the website for sales, and confirming transactions.

  4. Websockets and Telegram bots in the group to receive updated transactions.

Fee Model:

We try to keep it simple:

20% to the referrer who makes others aware of this product for the project.

25% buy and burn token.

25% Infra and running cost.

30% Treasury, which will be allocated for marketing and burning more tokens.


Small Seed round using our own product, (We know it might be a bit buggy on ui but backend and transaction will be perfect)

Some presale on the site, other launchpad who knows now.

Listing will be initially on DEX



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