Impact devnet is currently live at with multiple SVM chains, this include AMM DEX With concentrated liquidity pool feture on devnet chains of eclipse, solana, axion and more in future.

Along with DEX their is a bridge functionality also available from solana to eclipse.

User wanting to test bridge functionality can do for SOLANA to ECLIPSE by

  1. Going to solana dev faucet and getting SOL, then can swap usdt or usdc.

  2. or they can go to to drip some test USDT or USDC using

/drip TOKEN Address

Example: /drip USDC 7jpDV8LDzAjQowHBJCPdS5y6yejo66ha4vW2xhQp8Ew6


Example: /drip USDT 7jpDV8LDzAjQowHBJCPdS5y6yejo66ha4vW2xhQp8Ew6

  1. then use to send USDT, USDC to eclipse, and trade.

Get DEV ETH on eclipse:

/drip EC-ETH 7jpDV8LDzAjQowHBJCPdS5y6yejo66ha4vW2xhQp8Ew6

For Axion you can use

/drip AX 7jpDV8LDzAjQowHBJCPdS5y6yejo66ha4vW2xhQp8Ew6

or go to

You can also ask community members for dev tokens

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