Core Team

Core Team comprises of 10 members CEO, CTO, CMO, TechLead, 2 frontend, 2 backend, 1 devops, 1 Designer.

Team is lead by:

Vivek Sharma (CEO): previously worked at creating decentralized ledger system to power apps supporting millions of Payme India (a fintech and NBFC) customers, and has prior start-up experience as crypto project founder, being in crypto for more than 7 years, have experience in healthcare ledgers, managing labs supply chains, and a PHD drop out, and 14 years of technical experience.

Pradeep Tomer (CTO): Worked at U.S based data analytics firm GovShop which provides tenders and other real time information to U.S Gov. with masters in computer science degree and many research papers and 18 years of leading and technical experience. His expertise in distributed ledger technology and cryptographic protocols has been instrumental in shaping the architecture of our platform.

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