Cross SVM AMM/Bridge

Impact is a cutting-edge cross chain decentralized exchange for SVM Chains, inspired by the innovative AMM conversion function from Uniswap, and in solana from invariant and raydium.

What makes Impact unique is its ability to let liquidity providers engage in both internal and external arbitrage trading effortlessly. It also offers automated liquidity provision through intelligent routing. Like Balancer, Impact supports a variety of weighted and composable stable pools, making it a versatile platform for diverse trading strategies.

Impact is designed to provide a seamless and enriching experience for both traders and liquidity providers. By introducing novel solutions for protocol-managed liquidity and arbitrage, Impact addresses key issues in the DeFi space, such as impermanent loss, low returns for liquidity providers, and significant price impacts for traders.

What is end game.

Impact is a cross chain bridge for SVM chains, our goal is to bring liquidity to new svm based chains from other chains, We are trying to solve issue of low liquidity when a new svm chain is live.

Final goal of product is to be all bridge of SVM chains where, it operates without wrapping tokens and works by keeping liquidity pools for the supported tokens on each blockchain. Incoming tokens go into the pool, and the value of those tokens is sent via the messaging protocol to another chain, where it is converted back to the tokens to be paid to the user.

In detail, when the user sends tokens via the Impact, the following happens:

  • Bridge exchanges incoming tokens into their dollar value in the token pool for this particular token

  • This value is sent via the underlying messaging protocol to the destination chain

  • The bridge contract on the destination chain swaps dollar value to the tokens from the liquidity pool and sends them to the recipient

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