Ambassador Program


To reward Axion's Ambassadors who support Axion growth by:

  1. 📢 Attract users to Axion

  2. 📝 Create professional content about Axion on X, Youtube, Farcaster, and Discord


💰 1% of $AX total supply is reserved for Ambassadors in 2024

  • All rewards that you collect before TGE (expected to be in Q3 ’24) will be airdropped after TGE.

  • After TGE, rewards will be sent monthly.

  • The amount of reward for each ambassador will be based on her/his performance

  • An ambassador’s performance consists of:

    • completing tasks (daily/weekly) (60%)

    • Impression and engagement on social media (40%)

  • Ambassadors can also get extra bonus by helping Axion secure Project Partnership (more details below)


  1. Scope: Around 20 ambassadors

  2. Selection Process:

    • Step 1 - Filling an Application Form

      • Any influencers who satisfy one of the following conditions can apply:

        • X: ≥200 followers

        • Youtube: ≥500 subscribers

        • Farcaster: ≥100 followers

        • Discord: ≥ 50 members

      • Fill in an application form HERE

    • Step 2 - Onboarding

      If your application get accepted, then:

      • You will receive an email/tg confirmation from Axion

      • Team will go through your plan and how Axion can support you

      • You will get a personalized referral code

  3. Execution:

    • Ambassadors can start inviting friends and create social content right after the onboarding session

    • Social content performance will be tracked manually by Axion team on the first week of the following month. Thus, you will need to share the links to your social media contents that you create in the month on a Google Form by the last day of that month.

    • Reward distribution will be done in the first week of every month.

  4. Performance calculation:

    • Formula

    💰 [Reward] = [$AX Allocation] x ([completing tasks (daily/weekly)] x 60% + [Social Contribution] x 40%)

    In which:

    • [completing tasks (daily/weekly)] = [completing tasks (daily/weekly)] / [All Ambassadors Referral Volume]

    • [Social Contribution] = [Your Social Points] / [All Ambassadors Social Points]

    For example:

    • In April:

      • Allocation for Ambassadors is 10,000,000 AX

      • Your referral, and tasks points are 10, while all Ambassadors’ tasks points are 100 → You contribute 10%.

      • Your social point is 3,000, while all Ambassadors’ social point is 10,000, you contribute 30% social points

    • Then, your April reward will be:

      [Reward] = 10,000 x (10% x 60% + 30% x 40%) = 1,800 AX

    • $AX Monthly Allocation:

      Each month, the $AX allocation for the Ambassador Program will be determined based on Total Referral Volume from all Ambassadors as per below:

    • Social Points

      Your social points will only be activated when you pass a threshold of 4 posts per month or 1 video per month.

      When you pass that threshold, your Social Points is given based on the following criteria:

  5. Extra Bonus

    Ambassadors can get extra bonus by helping Axion secure partnerships with other projects basing on the following scheme:

    • Based on each idea’s impact, AX may increase the bonus to our Ambassador.

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