How It Works

This page provides a high-level overview of how Axion coordinates communication between dApps, Polyglot and AVM.

AVM's transaction lifecycle

When a smart contract is deployed

  1. It goes through a polyglot which check and verify what language is used in smart contract.

  2. Polyglot service provide.

  3. Gas usage estimate for tx execution.

  4. If solidity is used then its code is executed as a evm code inside AVM

  5. Its then passed to AVM.

  6. Unwraps the tx and checks the user's signature

  7. Loads the EVM state, including account data and the smart contract's code, from Axion's storage

  8. Executes the tx inside AVM

  9. A corresponding AVM receipt is generated.

  10. Updates Axion's state to reflect the new state

This completes the tx request.

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