Testnet Phases

Public testing will be done in following phases:

Testnet 1 (Lapse Blue): [EVM Transfers]

In this phase ("lapse blue" inspired by jujutsu kaisen) , token transfers between wallets are being tested. A faucet will be provided where users can send transfers to their own wallets or to other wallets.

Here are some testnet assumptions:

  • There will be lots of people who want to test but don't want to install or download extensions.

  • Any new ecosystem is hard to learn, and finding the faucet, wallet, and explorer can be challenging at first.


  • To fix these issues, we will try to integrate everything in one place so that users don't have to move around and figure out lots of unknowns.

  • We will also provide a similar UI for users to interact with, ensuring they can comfortably navigate through the platform.

In summary for simplicity, a lite Phantom-like in-browser interface will be provided. Checkout here for more info.

Testnet 2 (Hollow Purple): [Solana VM transfer]

In this phase, an updated Solana VM will be available for testing. This will help us evaluate if our updated state machine is functioning correctly, and any issues will be addressed.

For better testing, a custom RPC will be provided to connect to the blockchain in Phantom.

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