Incentivised Testnet

How to to use, get token, send, view etc.

We are thrilled to announce that we have reached the stage of testnet alpha, where asset transfers will be enabled. To facilitate this process, we have developed a web-based Phantom UI wallet for transactions between accounts.

In this stage, we've implemented a subsidizer account "0x902227F6160D67C8021EA13767af0eA56232E98F" to cover all gas fees on the chain for all transactions. These subsidizer accounts are typically created by game or application developers and serve as an excellent way for new users to join games or other apps without bearing the gas costs.

The gas costs associated with these transactions are minimal and serve as the cost of doing business for game or app developers to acquire new users. Furthermore, these gas fees, paid in the form of $AX Tokens, will be partially burned, contributing to deflationary pressure in our tokenomics.

Members who qualify for this program by actively participating in testing and completing tasks will have the opportunity to participate in upcoming airdrops and events. We will select random initial members who are most active in the community and have helped spread the word about our project to other communities.

Steps to qualify Follow these steps:

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