Incentivised Testnet Beta

How to to use, airdrop faucet,create your own token, send or airdrop it, create liquidity pool, add liquidity, use constant swap, view everything on blockchain explorer.

Learning from our mistakes and issues from the last testnet, we are moving forward with strength. To facilitate this process, users have the option to use any Solana wallet they have, such as Phantom, Nightly, Solflare, or Sollet. Everything should function the same, except users won't be able to see their tokens as they have not been integrated with the chain yet.

Participating users will receive surprise rewards based on various criteria such as the number of transactions, number of referrals, and community activity. Additionally, people will be assigned different roles based on their levels of participation.

You can change phantom and enable devnet on it, but be assured, even if you are using mainnet no funds will be deducted, its totally free.

Here is guide how to use the dapp.

  1. Go to and connect phantom or other wallet, then go to faucet, and press airdop 1 AX.

  1. Now you have some devnet tokens got to and create you own token with whatever name you like, and press create token, you will be asked to confirm the transaction.

  1. You Can airdrop your created tokens to other wallet address, it will be better if you ask other community members for their wallet to send your token, you can check wallet on explorer.

  1. In phantom you will be getting the dialog to confirm transaction.

  1. After confirmation you will see transaction link which will lead you to axion explorer at

  1. After token is created, press swap and intialize a liquidity pool, we are choosing simple fixed liquidity pool, as base algo for swap.

  1. Now Add liquidity pool with token of your choosing, and confirm transaction.

  1. Now you can swap the tokens via the interface.

Their will be a dashboard showing top users with transactions and scores soon.

Meanwhile you can use Questn link to gather points:

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