Mini Twitter DAPP

Tool to test

Introducing MiniTwitter, the decentralized app (dApp) built on the Axion blockchain! Its backend is fully written in Axion's blockchain contract, making it a fun and innovative platform. The entire backend of this product is managed using community-owned hardware within the blockchain.

The main focus of this dApp isn't to showcase speed comparisons with Twitter or any other platform. Instead, it serves as an infrastructure project aimed at ensuring everything operates as intended. MiniTwitter aids in identifying and fixing bugs on the testnet.

With MiniTwitter, you only need a browser; there's no need for downloads. Everything can be accessed using the new web-based wallet. Additionally, for testing purposes, we've provided a faucet for obtaining test AX tokens.

Below are the steps.

  1. Go to, press connect wallet, you can select any wallet, we are using solflare web wallet here as we dont have to download anything.

  1. Press Use Web wallet and create a web wallet

  1. After Creating and connecting wallet, press faucet to get some test $AX, you have to keep solflare window open to let it connected to dapp, copy your wallet address and copy that in text field then press request token.

  1. connected to dapp to confirm

  1. now you can post tweets. Links etc are currently not allowed, as we dont like spams.

  1. After confirming you have created a tweet on the dapp, you can use other wallets like slope which allow auto transaction confirmation so you dont have to confirm again and again.

Soon we will give link for explorer so you can see all transactions.

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