Fee & Revenue


Swaps: 0.05% - 25%

Bridge: 0.05% - 2%


Impact’s revenue is the sum of protocol fees, trading fees, bridgeing fee, generated by our protocol, and market making profit that is withdrawn as profit.

MMP is the total profit and loss from market making and is measured by comparing the total value of a pool’s assets (excluding trading fees) to their value if they had not been traded and instead were just held. Currently, MMP is not withdrawn as profit and remains in the pools as liquidity.

Fee revenue is used as follows:

  • 40% is used for buybacks and/or to increase IM/USDC liquidity

  • 30% is distributed to stakers of IM/USDC Pool

  • 20% is used to fund ongoing development

  • 10% is used to fund Marketing

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