Why Axion

Break Free from VM Silos:

Axion redefines smart contract execution by enabling them to run in parallel across different virtual machines. Imagine the speed boost! This innovative approach leverages the blazing-fast execution similar to solana, renowned for its 2-3 second transaction finalization, scalability, and eco-friendly operation.

Effortless Onboarding, Familiar Tools:

Already have Solana contracts? Perfect! Deploy them on Axion seamlessly, without any changes. Coming from another VM? No worries, Axion's Axion Virtual Machine (AVM) welcomes you with minor adjustments, ensuring smooth and secure execution.

Speak the Languages You Know:

Most blockchain platforms force developers to learn unique, niche languages. Not Axion. We believe in empowering builders, so we proudly support popular languages like TypeScript. Web2 developers, rejoice! Transition to blockchain development effortlessly and start building DApps in a familiar environment.

Developers: The Heartbeat of the Ecosystem:

We understand that developers are the backbone of innovation. That's why Axion caters to all, whether you're a web2 wizard with TypeScript expertise, an Ethereum veteran, a Solana aficionado, or hail from another ecosystem. Our Solana-compatible BPF Based VM boasts high-throughput, scalability, and future-proof technology, all while keeping transaction costs low for your users.

The Best of Both Worlds: Ethereum Familiarity, Solana Speed:

No need to choose between the development experience you love and cutting-edge performance. Axion offers the best of both worlds: the familiar Ethereum 1.0 development environment coupled with Solana's lightning-fast speed and scalability. Create groundbreaking applications without sacrificing ease of use or affordability.


Key Takeaways — [Multi-language Smart Contracts | High Speed | Modular]:

  • Learning a new programming language like Solidity or Teal limits the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

  • A new initiative started with WASM, but will let developers run any kind of application, which would be able to compile to bpf VM, which is faster then wasm.

  • 20 million developers will be able to enter the blockchain space.

  • Multi-language feature will lead finally to blockchain mass adoption and completely new blockchain use cases which we never dreamed about.

  • It makes talent acquisitions, development, and codebase maintenance easier and cost-efficient for enterprises.

  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem will be more secure since developers are not experimenting with new programming languages that handle millions of dollars.

  • Execution layer and concensus layer can be seprated leading to more decentralization, as lite nodes can participate.

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