What mechanism does the project have to protect early investors? What if the token when it is listed is sold off by the people holding a large number of tokens?

The mechanism is that no one has a large number of tokens to sell off. All big token holders are:

1) Cliff 6 months and vesting 5-30 months (when the project has a lot of users and good products)

2) Big investors will buy at a high price later on than IDO so they will expect higher prices and won't sell off unless the project is too messy

What is Axion?

Put simply, Axion is a modular L1 blockchain that uses a BPF VM, empowering developers to write programs in popular languages like TypeScript or Solidity.

How can I be sure this project is legitimate?

Axion is carefully audited by leading security-focused companies such as Certik, Solidity.finance, Shellboxes. Moreover, Axion tokens will be unlocked in a pre-determined schedule which lasts for 36 months from the public sale, meaning that no team member will be able to access their tokens before the lockup period ends. This shows the team is focusing on long-term work, without worrying about the market value of their token.

Does locking liquidity hinder trading of my token?

Not at all, the team is locking their original liquidity tokens. Investors can freely exchange tokens and even more so with confidence.

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